EU ETS Training for Industry

In line with the timely preparation of the industry sector for fulfillment of obligations arising out of the future Law on the decrease of GHG emissions, the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, with support of EU, is organizing a one day technical trainings in Novi Sad (03 February), Belgrade (04 February) and Nis (05 February). The law should be adopted by the end of 2015 and its implementation should start on 1st of January 2016.

Main goal of the law is the establishment of the basis for future implementation of the Emission Trading System, and primarily establishment of the system for monitoring, reporting and verification of the GHG emissions. According to the articles of this particular law, industrial and energy facilities will have an obligation to monitor and report to the Ministry on their GHG emissions on a yearly basis. This must be conducted in accordance with the Monitoring Plan, that must be verified by the independent verifier. Technical training will include main principles of monitoring GHG emissions and indicate key elements of the preparation of monitoring plan. It is important to mention that the Ministry will be in the position to organize additional trainings, according to needs, with the aim of providing the industry with necessary support to comply with forthcoming obligations. 


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