Development of Climate Change Policy
15.12.2014 09:30

The workshop "Development of Climate Change Policy in the Context of International and EU Accession Processes" was organized by the UN Development Programme and the Ministry of Agriculture and Environment  on 15th December in Belgrade.

The workshop was held under the auspices of the Global Financial Fund for Environmental Protection and as one of the activities within the project "Second National Report of the Republic of Serbia to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change".


The conference was attended by over 90 representatives from state institutions, professional and civil society organizations and was opened by Mrs. Steliana Neder, Deputy Resident Representative of the UN Development Programme in the Republic of Serbia and Mrs. Stana Bozovic, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection.


Opening statements emphasized the importance of strengthening the institutional capacity to support the implementation of international commitments and obligations in the field of climate change arising from the process of preparing for the EU membership. Despite the significant progress in establishing institutional, strategic and legislative framework in this area, major challenges still lie ahead.


Programme of the workshop

Report of the workshop


Download the presentations (in Serbian only)


1. Medjunarodne i obaveze prema EU by D. Bozanic

2. Izgradnja kapaciteta u oblasti klimatskih promena by M. Tadic

3. Drugi izvestaj R.Srbije prema UNFCCC by A. Repac

4.Klimatske projekcije, moguci uticaji i opcije adaptacije by V. Djurdjevic

6. Mere ublazavanja klimatskih promena by A.Jovovic

7. Uspostavljanje sistema trgovine emisionim jedinicama EU ETS  by S. Lazic

8.a LOCSEE by D. Radulovic

8.b LOCSEE by D. Todorovic

9. Finansitanje mera ublazavanja i prilagodjavanja na klim promene by S.Landau





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