Raising Awareness on Climate Change
23.06.2014 09:00

Raising awareness on climate change – current state and reporting obligations, CC impacts, adaptations and financing options

The United Nations Development Programme in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection and local partner CSOs is organizing three general awareness raising workshops on climate change policy - the importance of incorporating climate change into sectoral and regional/national development goals.

The workshops are being organized under the framework of the GEF funded project “Second National Communication of the Republic of Serbia to the UNFCCC” implemented in the period 2012-2015.

The general idea of the workshops:
These workshops will be geared towards awareness-raising for local stakeholders outside of Belgrade on:
• Basic information on climate change and international reporting obligations – including how it relates to preparation of the National GHG Inventory, Serbian emissions levels, mitigation of GHG emissions, and climate change impacts, vulnerability, and adaptation;
• Current results achieved under the Second National Communication
• Climate change policies at national and international level (including the EU and UNFCCC);
• Climate change concepts related to opportunities for sustainable development at the local level;
• Financing opportunities for implementation of climate change policy at national and local level.

Goal of the workshops: The goal of the workshops will be to increase the level of knowledge amongst stakeholders at national and local level in relation to climate change policies and programmes in Serbia with an eye towards their future involvement in development and implementation of climate change policies and programmes within their respective communities – potentially providing input into national-level policies and programmes as well as developing local actions to support national targets.

Target groups:

• Local municipal and district government officials active in the fields of environment, waste, energy, construction/urban planning, agriculture, emergency planning, and health;
• Local NGOs active in climate change related sectors;
• Local businesses active in energy-related fields, waste, construction, water, and agriculture.

Location: Bajina Bašta/Tara Mountain (June 23); Novi Sad (June 26), Niš (June 27),
Implementation period: June 2014
Lead logistical organizers: UNDP – In partnership with a local NGO


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